Black Bell Sleeves

I am so obsessed with bell sleeves but this one is my fave of all. I love the the structure of the sleeves which give difference vibe than the others. You can dress up or down. Shop similar top at below link.


I just collaborated with Mirina Collection as MirinaGirls…I totally love their Olivia statement necklace as shown in the picture. One of my fave. I will be wearing a lot this holiday season. Shop my necklace at below link and get 20% off use code “MirinaGirls” at check out. Olivia

Statement Necklace

I like to make statement…so why not make it at my own neck…You can do it too. Show off your neck with this Vintage inspired statement necklace. So much fun. Shop my necklace at below link use code Emmy20 to get 20% off at check out. Vintage Inspired Statement Necklace

Dinner Situation

When you have a short dinner notice, what would you do? I always have a dress that doesn’t require ironing in my closet. I just throw it on, quickly put on make up and go. This dress will be a life saver when you have the situation. shop my dress at below link   […]

Harajuku Style

Harajuku style originated among teens on the streets near Harajuku Station in Shibuya, Japan. It may have been brought to many people’s attention by Gwen Stefani, but the evolution of the style certainly didn’t begin with her and it certainly won’t end with her. Like many “street fashions” it is difficult to characterize because it […]